FAQDevelopmentGuruji FAQ

1.Why developmentguruji.com is different?

Developmentguruji.com is offering its services exclusively to web development companies and interactive agencies. It is purely a D2D (Developer to Developer) portal for web design and development requirements of web development companies. 

2.How to get started?

If you want to start with a project click here to "Request for Proposal" and if you want to hire a resource click here to “Schedule an interview”.

3.What is QHour and QResource?

QHour is the standard unit we use to estimate the price we will charge for the project. It simply means quality hours put in. We charge $36 per one QHour. QResource / Quality Resources are the resource we offer for monthly hiring. Our internal evaluation team evaluates the resource to ensure that he/she has the right expertise to serve you. We promote three categories of resources based on the countable experience the resource possesses. The categories include Standard with 12 to 18 months of countable experience, Proficient with 18 to 36 months of countable experience and Expert Resource with 36 + months of countable experience.

4.How does the project estimation works? How soon can I get the proposal back once it is submitted?

Our evaluation team will analyze your project requirement (RFP) and prepare the estimate. We follow a standard practice in preparing the estimate. Our proposals are detailed and self-explanatory enough to include the functionality aspects, along with the estimated QHours and number of working days required to finish the project. You can go through the proposal and crosscheck to see if it matches with your requirement, before awarding the business to us. We usually get back to you with the estimate in 24 hours time, after getting your RFP. If you need it sooner, let us know; we will try our best.

5.How developmentguruji.com ensure quality, deadline and fixed rate in projects?

Our project management tool epot.co.in ensures a systematic and organized flow of projects. The list of works assigned, customer tickets, daily updates, mile stone tracking etc are managed using this CRM tool.  Each project will have a dedicated team, with a project manager, Project Lead or Team lead to ensure consistency of it. Once a team is assigned to one project they work continuously until project completion, provided there is no delay from your end in giving feedback or other such issues. We follow a very transparent project management system, where you will be communicating to the PM and PL/TL over skype, email and telephone. This will enable you to keep day to day tracking with the people who actually work on your project.

6.How developmentguruji.com ensure quality output from the resource I hire?

We assign you the resource based on the Resource type asked for and experience level mentioned.  Once the resource is assigned, you will be given his/her contact info (Name, Skype ID and email) and your access to epot.co.in login, where you can assign task to the resource and track the progress, all at the same. When you manage the work/task of the resource, here we will ensure the other day to day affairs such as on time arrival, discipline, leave allocation, payroll management etc. If you have an issue with the resource, we will immediately attend to the same and give you a solution right away.

7.Are you up-to-date with the latest technologies?

Yes. Please see the expertise and versions we are familiar with.

Technology  Version/s that we use
Markup Language  XHTML Transitional
ASP.net  ASP.NET 4.5
MSSQL  MS SQL 2005 / 2008
PHP  5.5
MySQL  3.0/4.0
Action script  2.0 / 3.0
Java Script  Java script 1.5
Ajax  1.6.1

8.What is developmentguruji.com pricing?

Our hourly rate for QHours is $36 USD. QResource start from $1250/per month onwards.

9.How developmentguruji.com keeps your company’s information confidential?

We realize that your business demands confidentiality and privacy and with a view to support the same, we don’t list your portfolio and testimonials to public. Our portfolio and testimonials are only visible to development companies via a restricted login set up.

10.What is volume business bonus?

This is a special offer we have for development companies that offer   dedicated business volume to developmnetguruji.com, month after month.

QHours/ Projects

Monthly QHours Billed250 to 499500 to 9991000 or more
Volume discount in %8.33% 10.33%12.33%


QResource/ Monthly Resource hiring

Number Of QResources 1245 or above
%  of reduction for one month 0%0%6.33% 6.33%
%  of reduction for 3 to 5 months and on continuous renewal 4.33%8.33% 10.33% 12.33%
%  of reduction for more than 5 months and on continuous renewal8.33%10.33% 12.33%12.33%

This is not an advance purchase option, but is calculated based on the business volume you share with us. As you cross reach the milestones, you will be eligible for the volume bonus. For example, if you hire two standard resources from us, for the initial two months you need to pay us the full amount, but from the third month onwards you need pay only 8.33% less the original amount and from the sixth month onwards you need to pay 10.33% less compared to the original amount. It is applicable, if you hire these two resources continuously.

11.Will there be any communication issues building up due to language barrier?

No. Using our project management tool, epot.co.in, you can effortlessly track project progress on a daily basis. Also you are able to talk to our Project Manager, Project leader and Team leader over Skype and email, any time during the project development phase. We also assign you a dedicated sales/customer service executive from the USA/UK, to take care of your accounts.

12.Is there is any obligation from your end?

No, there is no obligation from our end as we work based on your requirements. You can assign us when you have a project and hire resource when you need one. We don’t insist on a monthly commitment from your end. However, if you have volume business, you will sure be granted the % of volume discount from us.

13.Questions about VB?

     1) Do you know any good web sites about VB programming?
     2) What are the best VB books? I'd like to learn VB by myself.
     3) How to convert BMP to GIF or JPG in Visual Basic?
     4) When I tried to open the project written on VB6 with Visual Basics 5, I got an error that says: "Retained is an invalid key. The file C:\Windows\Desktop\Project1.vbp can't be loaded".
     5) I have an access database with 5 tables in it. These tables are vendors for parts. I want to build a program that will show the prices of the part number I type in my text box. I can not figure out how to search all the tables PartNumber fields as one function. These are very large tables so I had planned on using the seek function but haven't figured out how yet.
     6) How can I edit the registry within VB? How do I change keys, how do I add them?
     7) How do I create a new System DSN for SQL from a program written in VB?
     8) How do I take a single line of text from a file and store it in a variable? How do I save variables to files?
     9) How do I validate the date entered in textbox?