August 2009

Google launches audio search engine for Android

Google Labs, Google Listen
August 21 , 2009

Here is the latest addition to Google Labs, which is going to be of great advantage for Android users. Google Listen (, the latest addition to Google Labs, is an Android application that helps to search web audio content...

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Easy Bookmarking For Google Chrome

Google Chrome, bookmark sync
August 18 , 2009

Google recently launched ‘bookmark sync’, a new feature for users on the dev channel of Google Chrome. This new feature will help to keep the same list of bookmarks on all the computers that you use. You can also store them along with your Google Do...

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Choose The Best Search Result

Blind search tool
August 10 , 2009

Michael Kordahi, a developer evangelist has created a ‘blind search tool’ that gives Google, Yahoo and Bing searches in a single page, separated by three columns. But the user won’t be able to know which column contains which search engine, until th...

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FreeAppAlert To Inform You About Free iPhone Apps

iPhone applications
August 04 , 2009

iPhone applications come in plenty nowadays , and hence it’s very difficult to update ourselves with the price changes and new releases. FreeAppAlert makes our job easier. Alerts can be set up in to inform through email, twi...

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