January 2009

No more vandalism!!! Common man’s encyclopedia making tighter rules

January 30 , 2009

Cochin: A fatal stung of criticisms has entangled Wikipedia, the mammoth online encyclopedia, after the shocking incident where vandals changed Wikipedia entries, erroneously reporting that Senators Edward Kennedy and Robert Byrd were dead. As per th...

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Throw Your Hard Drive Away, Google's G Drive Arrives In 2009

January 28 , 2009

Google is all set to revolutionize IT world as we know now. This search giant is all geared up to change the way we use computers. Google is now one step closer to over haul the monopoly of windows. Inside sources reveal that Google is geared up to l...

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5 Common Myths Of Web Development

January 24 , 2009

A recent survey conducted by independent market researchers among of 100 IT managers & directors has revealed common misconceptions & mistakes related to web development. It was shown that around 60% of top IT managers & directors beli...

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A prospective Canadian tie-up for Development Guruji

January 23 , 2009

Cochin - Development Guruji‘s association with Nick Murray , a professional vendor of wireless broadband services, from Canada, has created a handful of mid to large sized projects, being the prominent among these. Nick v...

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X’mas & New Year bash at ISPG

January 06 , 2009

Cochin - Another X’mas & New Year in ISPG family. With decorated X’mas trees, glittering stars, colorful balloons, ISPGians welcomed this year’s X’mas & New Year. They believe that no X’mas celebration is complete without spreading the joy w...

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They are back!

January 06 , 2009

Cochin - A long term associate of Development Guruji, the brain child of ISPG, Robert Dayton and his wife Luey Dayton visits Kerala, once in six months to enjoy the warmth and hospitality as well as to monitor the progress of their works. Loyal Dog, ...

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