July 2009

Google Latitude comes to iPhone

Google Latitude
July 24 , 2009

Google Latitude, the feature that helps you to find close by friends on a map, is now accessible on the iPhone. Are you happy? Don’t get too much excited! This feature is only available as a web application. Hence it presently doesn’t work with Googl...

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New York Attorney To Sue, social networking sites
July 10 , 2009

Looks as if the recent news paper articles on the spammy social networking sites have revived the spirits of many people around the world, and one among them is Andrew Cuomo, the attorney general of New York, who recently announced his intentions to ...

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Google Starts Welcoming New Users To Voice Service

Google Voice
July 06 , 2009

‘Google Voice’ aims at providing a simple way to manage phone calls, voicemails and text messages. This is an innovative development of ‘GrandCentral’, which Google had bought two years back.This application acts like a front- end for all your phones...

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Pricing for Windows 7 Announced

Windows 7
July 03 , 2009

Microsoft announced the pricing details for Windows 7 OS on 25th of June. The rates announced by the company are much less compared to its Vista version. According to NY Times, the expected prices in US are:• Windows 7 Home Premium (Upgrade) - $119.9...

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