June 2009

Twitter message could be cyber criminal at work

twitter, cyber criminals, cyber crimes, online security
June 23 , 2009

Cyber criminals have now set their eyes on those tools that can carry malwares at a lightning speed. Panda Security from Spain, one among the leaders in antivirus making, has been continuously monitoring the new moves of the hackers. They have come u...

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More about

June 09 , 2009 (; is an easy to use reminder and book marking service that lets users send sites, images and notes to e-mails or mobile through the address bar of the browser that they use. A registered user has to add ...

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Mover – iPhone App to share contacts and images between iPhones

iPhone application, movers
June 06 , 2009

Many iPhones users have expressed the need for an application that helps to transfer contacts or images between two people. “Movers”, developed by Infinite Labs ( ) is the most appropriate solution for this, as it is hi...

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Bing launched!

Microsoft, Bing
June 01 , 2009

Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine, designed to compete with the lead players of the industry, was unveiled by CEO, Steve Ballmer on May 28th. The ceremony took place at San Diego. According to Microsoft Bing is the full-fledged substitute for Live...

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