May 2009

New Yorker iPhone cover raises the sale of Brush App

iPhone application, brushes
May 30 , 2009

The ecstasy of artist Jorge Colombo who drew the ‘dreamy, nocturnal cityscape’ of Manhattan on his iPhone, for the June 1 cover of The New Yorker, knew no bounds, when a software engineer Steve Sprang developed Brushes, the iPhone application that ch...

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Here is a speedier Google Chrome

Google Chrome
May 29 , 2009

Google has added some of the most requested features in Google Chrome recently, making the web browser speedier and more user-friendly. An updated version of Chrome, along with the updates, was released by Google in March. Google has been continuing ...

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New Google Logos

Google logos
May 26 , 2009

New logos have been added to some of Google’s web pages like Google labs, Google moderator and Google code. According to the official blog of Google , the company hopes that the designs of the new logos will help in giving a brand new look to the sit...

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NileGuide’s new iPhone application for tailor-made travel plans

iPhone application, NileGuide
May 25 , 2009

NileGuide (, the well-known travel planning site has launched a new iPhone app for its portal. This new application helps the users to create a customized trip itinerary through their iPhones. It also helps them to view the ...

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Hackers attack Facebook again

facebook, hackers, Boston
May 21 , 2009

200 Million Facebook users landed in trouble on 14th May when a few hackers launched an attack against the site, and managed to gather the passwords of many of the users. Barry Schbitt, Facebook spokesman said that the site started the cleaning proce...

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Advancements in search engine techniques

Microsoft, search engine, google, Yahoo
May 20 , 2009

It can be undoubtedly said that Google dominates the search engine world. Yahoo can be seen next to it and Microsoft trails even far behind. According to the latest reports from comScore Inc the market shares of the three companies in April are as fo...

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Google confirms problems with reaching its services.

company news, internet, advertising and e-commerce, silicon valley, google
May 16 , 2009

Sources from Google have confirmed that there was disruption of access to some of its services on Thursday morning. The trouble was brought to notice after reports started coming in, that users had difficulty in accessing Google News, Gmail, Google ...

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Google Squared gearing up to make Google a better research tool

Google Inc., tool, productivity, channel management, marketing
May 16 , 2009

Even after the announcement of Wolfram Alpha, the much awaited change in online searching, it can be undoubtedly said that Google is best research tool, so far discovered. However finding out truly useful results can be challenging, from the millions...

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