November 2010

Now you don’t need a machine to send Faxes!

send faxes online
November 25 , 2010

Most of us hate sending faxes, due to the extremely lengthy process associated with it. It’s really time consuming. Buy with the discovery of PamFax, things have become very easy. Now anyone can send faxes easily for just $6/month and receive unlimi...

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A fatal Stab at Microsoft’s Office Suite

microsoft office
November 23 , 2010

I believe beyond doubt Google always has an unassailable position over the other major companies including Microsoft. They have proved it once again with the announcement of public testing of Google Cloud Connect made for Microsoft Office. With the h...

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Freepik – A totally new search engine for free photos and vectors

images online
November 05 , 2010

Getting quality and easily accessible images and vector drawings on internet was not very easy. But the discovery of Freepik has put an end to such hassles. Freepik, the new search engine, provides a very easy method to search free resources i.e. pho...

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New light powered keyboard from Logitech

wireless solar keyboard
November 03 , 2010

Here is a new and highly advanced keyboard from Logitech, which charges itself whenever there is light. It is said that this keyboard will live in darkness too, continuously up to three months, without getting damaged. Isn't that great?Logitech Wirel...

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LinkedIn adds more features to company pages

business social networking
November 02 , 2010

LinkedIn, the most sought after ‘business oriented social networking website’, has started adding more and more features in the company profiles on the network, equipping them to become more and more powerful and thereby reach a wider set of people...

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Mozilla plans to delay the release of Firefox 4 until 2011

web browser
November 01 , 2010

Yes, it looks as if we will have to wait for a few more months to get the first glimpse of Firefox 4 from Mozilla. The release of the first full featured beta version of this extensively used and most sought after open-source browser is delayed becau...

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