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A high-speed train, roller coaster, fire truck etc…. are symbols of our passion for speediness in life; and so is Google Suggest that speeds up the hunt of knowledge. It saves much of our time, by giving suggestions, as we type the keywords.

Now Google has added more features to this tool, making it faster.

Suggestions on the result page

Formerly a user could get only the suggestion based on the original search input. When he makes a search from the result page Google provides all the possible suggestions that are related to the current result page. Look at the example given below.

Personalized suggestions

Do you remember the query that gave you the best results last time? Google has a record of your searches and once you login to your Google account and has a Web History enabled, you may get some relevant past searches as you type the keyword. This makes it easier and faster for repeated searches. You can remove the personalized suggestions by clicking the ‘Remove’ link. The searches can be removed from the Web History directly; just need to manage ‘Query Suggestions’ on the ‘preferences page ‘or you can sign out of your Google account to stop seeing personalized suggestions.

Navigational suggestions

If your initial keystrokes indicate your need for a specific site Google lists it and sends you straight there to ease your efforts. The feature is similar to suggestions of sponsored links.

Google is planning to introduce a few more changes in this category. More details regading this are available at the help centre of Google.

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