Palm Pre getting ready to break the monopoly of iPhone applications

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The successful comeback of Palm ( is an indication of a better way to manage the complications of a digital life. Plam’s new application,

Plam Pre assures several impressive services, unlike the similar ones used in Apple's iPhone and Blackberry.

Apple’s iPhone was the one to launch the standards for the future smart phones.

But Plam’s WebOs has two major matchless improvements, when compared to the  usual iPhone applications: a better multitasking between applications and a flawless notification system.

Along with these innovations, Plam also is planning have an enhanced multi-touch user interface and a slide-out hardware keyboard; much popular among the CrackBerry users. 

People still have a fascination for their BlackBerry and Apple iPhones. But Plam has taken a few steps ahead, assuring more beneficial applications.

Multitasking and Notification systems

Apart from the core applications like phone and iPod player, an iPhone user has to exit completely from one application, to use another one; i.e. users can return to the home screen and select the needed application, even while staying connected on a phone call, but they cannot move back and forth between two applications, while running the first application in the background. This makes it difficult to use certain applications like IM or streaming video.

WebOs applications are created with standard tools like CSS, JavaScript and HTML so as to run smoothly on a version of the Webkit engine. This never means that an Internet connection is a must requirement for all the “web applications”. iPhone applications are usually developed using Objective C- programming language. But the tools used in a WebOS application are ‘light weight and less-resource intense’ than iPhone applications. 

This may perhaps limit the performance of a WebOS application and hence don’t expect too much of sophisticated applications at the initial stage of Pre, says experts.

But Palm promises that it’s easy to run a web application on a Pre.

Plam also plans for the expansion of the number of applications, if the smart phone earns a wide acceptance all over the world.

Other mobile phone systems like Android and Windows Mobile also allow multitasking, but Palm promises the most user-friendly way to ‘switch between "cards," similar to the combination of Windows’ Alt-Tab keys.

You can easily launch new applications using the "Launcher" software button that can be found on the bottom part of the home screen. Users are also given the option switch between different applications by flicking finger left or right.

Notifications are the most important part of a mobile computer.

With the launch of Apple iPhone OS 3.0, the company has plans to develop the notification services to third party applications. At present it works only for the core applications like incoming phone calls, text messages, and calendar appointments

But the method that Apple has used for notifications is a pop-up window which can interrupt the user in the middle of a task, pause the application, and forces them to make a choice (i.e. close or view) before going on. But the notification bar used by Plam is different.

On receiving an e-mail or text message, a Palm user can see an alert, that usually pop-ups on the lower part of the Pre's screen. But this won't stop any ongoing application. The users can simply ignore the alert, and it will move away to the lower edge of the screen, so that it can be accessed later, after completing the ongoing task. The alert remains at the bottom of the Pre's screen, no matter whatever the current application is, along with some relevant information such as the sender or subject line.In Apple iPhones, the alert has to be dismissed to continue with what you’re doing.

Palm has followed an extremely professional approach in the implementation of multitasking; and delivery of notifications.

Certain users may dismiss these differences as user preferences. But multitasking and notifications are the important reasons to own a mobile computer. Only a few companies have managed to come up successful applications these categories.

Anticipation is getting higher about the other Palm Pre applications

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