Seven Appointment Scheduling Systems

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One of the major factors in client management is the setting up of meetings, whenever required. Now you don’t have to spend a lot of time managing this as an online scheduling system can make your work easier.

The tools given below can be used internally used or can be integrated with your website so that your clients and colleagues can schedule a meeting with you, without any difficulty.

Acuity Scheduling (

Key features include online booking, website integration, customization, unlimited appointments etc…

Acuity has a free single user version and does not contain a custom-made booking site or the facility to accept credit cards.

Appointment PlugIn (

Key features include online booking, customization, confirmation of e-mail, website integration etc…

Appointment PlugIn offers a restricted free version that limits the number of appointments to 20 per day, and has space for advertisements, in the e-mail confirmations.

CreateAppointments (

Key features include online booking, confirmation of e-mail, customer accounts creation etc…
Users can access free basic version of CreateAppointments, which includes an ad on the bottom of the online scheduler. It does not have an option for customization.

Genbookgenbook (

Key features
• Works in accord with iCalendar, Outlook and Google Calendar
• Options to customize with the logo of your firm
• Contains a user-friendly customer database
• Can be easily integrated with your website and e-mails
• Customization settings available
You can easily integrate Genbook on your own website or can create a business profile page.

TimeCentertimecenter (

• A  128-bit SSL encryption
• Notification options include e-mail and text message
• Has a mass e-mail ability
• A well-set  customer database
• Options to customize appointments
It also includes a journal component that helps you to enter the necessary notes and comments needed for your meetings.

TimeDrivertimedriver (

• Can be easily integrated with Outlook and Google Calendar
• 128-bit SSL encryption
• Can send the scheduled invitations via e-mail or incorporate on website
• Automatic e-mail confirmations and reminders
• Customization options

Through this you can also create custom e-mail invitations and send it straight to the contacts that you’ve added.

With these options you can get rid of the difficulty of managing client meetings, there by maintaining a perfect balance in client management.

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