Three easy ways to forward a contact on iPhone

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Here are 3 top solutions for forwarding contacts on iPhone

Copy and paste the contact number

The word ‘Clippy’ is highly familiar among the iPhone users. It’s a hack for iPhones that adds Copy & Paste facility. The latest version of Clippy helps in copying and pasting the contact information in iPhones. Users can paste the information to a text message and sent it, whenever needed.  Clippy can be found on Cydia, package installer/manager for iPhone. It can also be downloaded for free.

After installing Clippy, just tap and hold on the contact information that you need to vcopy. You will get a popup menu. You can select copy, start up the text application and paste it. It’s very simple.

Use BiteSMS to send a contact through SMS

BiteSMS, one of the finest SMS applications offered by Cyndia, provides a lot of additional features other than the default SMS applications that you receive with iPhone. You can also embed contact information in a text message effortlessly.

Just drag your fingers from left to right in the text area to get BiteSMS options to add contact. Tap on ‘Add Contact’ option, to get the contact list so that you can choose the necessary contacts, to be added in to the text message. 

Forward Contact using FreeContact

FreeContact is a free application on App Store that helps users to send contacts on iPhone through e-mail. Just launch FreeContact and register your e-mail address. Soon you can choose the necessary contacts and send it via e-mail.  Users also have the flexibility to choose the type of contact information.

FreeContact also allows users to send the contact information as ‘plain text email or vCard attachment’, depending on the preference of the users.

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