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In the beginning, the top priorities of the iPhone developers were just those thousands of games that they managed to develop, to earn a living. But now, it is the development of innovative softwares for iPhones.  The more innovative and user-friendly the application is, the more profitable it will be. 

Apple has proved beyond doubt that innovative applications can make a tremendous change in the sale of iPhones.

With the increasing number of downloads through the application store of Apple, and the boost in development of various iPhone applications, more and more mobile phone companies have started trying out their luck in this platform; as it can turn out to be a good source for a sustainable income. Internet media tycoons like IAC/InterActiveCorp: have already set their eyes on iPhone applications; by making successful tie-ups with potential iPhone application developers. Even small companies are on their way to succeed in the field of iPhone applications.

Palm, Research in Motion, Nokia and Microsoft are working hard to build up better application stores, for phones running their OS. Easy to use applications can be built for phones with Google’s Android software too. But the focus is more iPhones and the store house of Apple’s iPhone applications. 

Here lies the importance of Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, which is to be held at San Francisco this week. The conference will be having presentations of the newest iPhone applications; which can attract users and investors from far and wide.
The increase in interest in this industry is going to bring some magnificent cell phone apps soon, that can reach beyond the expectations of the consumers.

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