Bing Is ‘Off to a Good Start’ says ComScore

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Microsoft can never claim a too early victory for Bing, but just a decent launch. But experts say that the new search engine is on the way to reach a prominent position in the world of search engines.

According to comScore’s reports, the market share of Bing in US increased to 11.1 percent between June 2nd and 6th, showing a 9.1% increase within a week. According to the report there has also been a tremendous increase in the number of users of this new tool of Microsoft; a rise from 13.8% to 15.5%. 

ComScore, the research company released this data at this earlier stage due to the interesting yet intense tug of war going on between the search giants Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. The company also adds that the result can’t be ever sustaining as the usage can go down any moment, just like the excitement that can be found any other new product.

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