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Manipulating an image is not a complex task these days, as the tech community has developed a number of tools that can change an image in the way that you need to. One among the powerful tools that’s used for this is ImageMagick ( This open source tool can be applied for about 100 different file formats.

ImageMagick consists of a lot of command-line tools that are used for making the necessary image manipulations. Using this tool we can create drawings, change existing images or process them according to our will. ImageMagick is available for Linux, Windows and Mac, and is absolutely free.

The tool doesn’t have a GUI Interface for editing, like Photoshop or Gimp , but modifies the images according to the various commanding lines.

Imagemagick can also be used to watermark images, create e-cards and to convert images to other formats. The operation is very simple.

E.g. using the command given below a JPEG image can be easily resized and can be saved in a new format.

convert resize 50% image.jpg new.png

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