Importance of E-mail Marketing

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E-mail marketing is one of the most viable methods to develop your business, if you are ready to devote enough time and effort for the making of a good template and to maintain it along with an effective and regular campaign.

Many of our websites have sign-up forms that help in collecting the addresses from interested clients, but we don’t usually make a wise use of it, by sending them good e-mail campaigns.

The Benefit of e-mail campaign

• You can communicate important news with clients/colleagues
• Maintain your presence in the minds of potential clients
• E-mail campaign gives a chance to  receive regular referrals
• An easier and productive sales procedure
• A light and informal way to know about you and the services that you provide
• Can start a conversation easily with a potential client

Things to Share through e-mail campaign

• New site launches
• New products/services offered
• Discounts/Offers
• Client testimonials
• Useful products/services recommend by your firm
• Effective partnerships/collaborations
• Surveys / feedback requests
• Articles, blog posts and other relevant resources that shows your in-depth knowledge

Don’t Crossing the Line

Some important points have to be kept in mind, while launching an e-mail campaign.

• Make sure you are sending moderate useful messages, and not just a verbal jugglery. 

• Give a clear option to unsubscribe e-mails.
Crossing these basic norms or sending unwanted mail will do the opposite, hurting your business badly

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