Ten Examples Of Unconventional Site Navigations

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The first thing that an average user looks in a website design would be user friendly navigation menus. But sometimes the imagination of certain designers go in a very peculiar way, creating website designs and the navigation links that go literally out of the norm, with unusual looks and functioning. For example, such sites will have menus that don’t usually line-up at the top of the page in the form of a list, or as side bars. But many of such sites always have a unique way of presentation, attracting a number of users.

A corporate website usually doesn’t demand much of mega creativity, but needs only a standard design and layout. But unconventional designs can be used at places where the developer is sure of getting a positive response from the targeted audience.

The most important factor to be focused on, while designing such unconventional websites is the user-friendliness of the navigational links, as alienating an average visitor from the navigational links would always decrease the number of visitors.

Most of the sites mentioned in this blog are Flash-based, but similar ideas can be used in HTML and CSS too.

It is good to learn about such unconventional designs as they always give a new way of looking at web designing . Here are 10 such sites:
1. Bio-Bak (http://bio-bak.nl/) is exceptional in the hand-drawn, collage feel that the pages carry.  Interesting and funny. The site has buttons to press the icons ,as well as to drag to the needed points

2. Calliope (http://calliope.info/) – Resembling a shiny women’s magazine, the links fit suitably in to the pages, like the headlines of the magazine.  Even though the site is done in flash , a same design can be done in CSS too

3. Longboard The World (http://longboardtheworld.com/) - The beauty of the site is augmented by the Polaroid images that are placed to denote various links towards the different sections of the site.

4. Kashiwa Sato (http://kashiwasato.com/) – Yet another flash site, may look a little insane to a few of you. Just visit and see it for yourself!

5. The Back Of The Napkin (http://www.thebackofthenapkin.com/) – The perfect hand-drawn graphics which are used to denote the various sections of the site is attention-grabbing.  It looks literally like the back of a napkin. Technically this is a mixture of HTML/CSS and Flash.

6. Convert Code (http://www.convertcode.net/) – This has a simple, easy to use design and contains a numbered grid, for a free navigation in to the inner pages.

7. Aksident (http://www.aksident.be/) - The pages in this website has actors holding cards to direct users to the various pages of the site. On clicking the card the users are directed the desired page that gas the information displayed on the cards that the actors hold.

8. Gleis3 (http://gleis3.wm03.de/) – This website has a very interesting layout similar to an underground transport map.

9. The Dollar Dreadful (http://www.dollardreadful.com/) – This website resembles an old time newspaper.

10. Jacksons of Piccadilly (http://www.jacksonsofpiccadilly.co.uk/) – A very beautifully designed flash website.

Other examples include http://www.permissionevangelism.com, http://www.station.ch, http://www.davidcrowderband.com/2.0/ etc…

So why not get ready to break the rules?

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