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Researches for making of mobile versions of the much used PC applications have become a booming tendency in the technological sector these days, and here is the latest among the list. A team of researchers from the University of Oxford, UK have successfully build up a x86 PC emulator (, written in Java.

Most of the web developers use PC emulators like VMware, Virtual PC, and VirtualBox, which ‘stimulate PC hardware’ and allows users to install an additional OS in a virtual machine***.

***A virtual machine is a set of data files and hence can be duplicated on need. The backup also can be taken if required.

Virtualization is one of the much discussed topics in the corporate sector these days. It gives a dependable method to ‘test multiple browsers across multiple devices’, so that you don’t have to stuff your office with any hardware.

What makes JPC different from other emulators?

Cross platform – JPC runs well on Java supporting device like Windows, Mac, Linux, and most of the popular mobile phones.
Note that iPhone is an exception here. iPhone, which runs on Objective C, doesn’t natively  support any Java based applications. Such applications can be installed only after providing an external Java support.

Secure – Virtual PC runs completely in the Java sandbox.  The emulated hardware is separated from the real machine and won’t be able to interfere with the original OS.

Ability to work in a browser - This is the most important feature. It’s easy to virtual machine along with ‘a pre-loaded OS and software’, permitting direct access to the ‘authorized user’ from every Java-enabled web browser, i.e. a Chrome OS or mobile phone user can easily run a Windows application wherever he needs.

But practically speaking, this won’t happen soon.

JPC offers a range of ‘working DOS games and Linux distributions’, but x86 and Windows compatibility is still about to happen.
Number of software layers creates a big issue in emulation speed. However, if the software and hardware improves, it can bring a lot of positive changes.

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