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Here is a sophisticated communication tool from Google. According to sources, Google Wave, which was unveiled at the end of May, will go live on September 30th. Through Google Wave users can create ‘customizable communication and collaboration tool’ without any additional software. Developers can now get a first-hand explanation about the features of this tool.

The faultlessness of Google Wave can cause serious threat to other similar web application vendors. 

This is one of the most anticipated web applications of 2009. Google Wave is predicted to be the next ambitious step of the company, in the field of online communication. The tool includes ‘e-mail, real-time chat, scheduling, wikis, micro-blogging, live feeds and more’.
Google Wave resembles a giant web page on to which a user can drag and drop the needed objects, like IM and IRC (Internet Relay Chat) clients etc…

Google Wave is an HTML5 based web application. This will be released as an open source collaboration and communication platform. According to the blog published by Google‘s Dan Peterson, about 10,000 of the general public will be given access to the platform.

Through this tool the developers will have two sets of APIs. Google Wave helps website owners to embed wave widgets using the help of client-side codes.

Experts like Ben Rometsch have blogged that Google Wave is “probably the most advanced ‘application in a browser’ that I’ve seen.”

Google chrome OS is likely to promote Google Wave.  But as Google Wave uses HTML5 and the most updated web technology, its effective working in IE6 and other similar browsers is doubtful at present.

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