Microsoft offers ‘ballot screen’ fix in EU antitrust case

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Microsoft is planning to settle EU antitrust case by providing the European users an option to choose the favorite web browsers, in the upcoming Windows 7 OS. As per this settlement the users in Europe will be given a “ballot screen” from where they can choose the needed web browser. This decision would allow Microsoft to add IE in to its Windows 7 release in Europe.

The previous decision of the company was to remove IE from Windows 7 in Europe, thereby releasing a Windows 7E version for European users.

According to the latest reports EU has confirmed the suggestion. A statement from EU said, "The Commission welcomes this proposal, and will now investigate its practical effectiveness in terms of ensuring genuine consumer choice."

A recent statement released by Microsoft’s General Counsel Brad Smith says that the company is planning to ship the complete version of Windows 7 to Europe, once the proposal gets completely accepted by the European Union.  

Until then the company is planning to sell Windows IE to the manufacturers.

According to the statement from Mr. Smith, "This would mark a big step forward in addressing a decade of legal issues and would be good news for European consumers and our partners in the industry."

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