Google Adds More Options To Image Search

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The competition between search engines has taken a new turn with the introduction of a set of new search options to Google Image search. The new options make image search easier, as it helps to sort the search using colour, type, i.e. face, photo, clip art, line drawing, and file size. Most of the above said features are already available in advanced search option, but now these can be viewed in a column seen on the left hand side of the page. You can also choose the necessary options to filter your search. 

An additional option that could have been added along with these is the classification of images using a ‘Creative Commons license’. Even though it’s already there in the advanced search option now, it’s hidden.
Don’t think that this is just the solitary possession of Google, as Yahoo and Bing too have similar filtering options. But Google’s colour filter option is highly advanced, when compared to others. Here you are free to choose from 12 different colours, whereas Bing and Yahoo have sort options only for colour and black and white images. 

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