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This web design style focuses more on the simplicity of the design. It also avoids the superfluous elements in web designing, making it pleasing to the eye, as well as easy to use. 

This style is mostly used in web design these days.

Minimalist art movement which originated in 20th century focuses more on the bare essentials than unnecessary showiness.  Relating to web designing, we can define it as using the least amount of images, colours, shapes etc…, making the design highly simple.  In these designs you can see only the bare fundamentals needed to convey the message, and no gaudiness at all. Most of the designers rely on the simplest shapes and colour to design such sites. The fonts used are often slender, and the colors in contrast with the backdrop. Heavy textures and a flood of images cannot be found such websites.

There is a peculiarity for these websites. Although the others website say that they rely on the mantra ‘Content Is The King’, most of them have showy distractions, that often take away the focus of the visitors. But in designs using minimalism the eye candy and fancy distractions are in bare minimum and hence the visitors are directly drawn towards the content. Use of Minimalism helps in easy navigation.

Here are a few examples of minimal site designs:

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