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An ad server is a web server that helps in the storage and proper delivery of online advertisements to the website visitors.  Using an ad sever its easy to ‘swap out’ ads, as you need to put only the HTML or JavaScript tags in the site only once.  Once the set up is completed you can move to your server and modify the ads and monitor it, whenever required.  Ad servers can be categorized in to two

•    Local Ad servers
•    Third-party ad / Remote servers

Here are a few ad server solutions

ADTECH (http://www.adtechus.com/Home/) - This ad serving solution mostly serves large sites, and has some striking features that include the following
•    Live testing
•    Real-time monitoring
•    User tracking
•    Rich media support

Users of ADTECH can reap profit on video and mobile ad markets too very easily.

ADTECH promises all the possibilities to make the maximum ROI from the online ads.

Atlas Solutions (http://www.atlassolutions.com/) - Atlas Solution helps you to apply real time data, and thereby make a well thought-out decision about the choice, positioning and prioritizing of ads.

Google Ad Manager (http://www.google.com/admanager) – Google can help you with the most simple ad server solution for online advertisements. By using Google Ad Manager you can get codes for the section of the website where the ads are to be fixed. Once it gets uploaded in the site the rest can be managed through Google Ad manager.

You can also get reports on the performance of each ads that you have placed.

The other ad server options include
•    OpenX (http://www.openx.org/)
•    Smart AdServer (http://www.smartadserver.com/smart/uk/)
•    Bluestreak (http://www.bluestreak.com/)
•    DoubleClick (http://www.doubleclick.com/)

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