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How do you update your blog? In most of the cases people do it directly from the admin section.  But do you know that you can have a lot of advantages if you can post blogs from your desktop or from a browser window?  This decreases the amount of distraction and increases the productivity.  This may also give you a lot of features that are not usually found in the default editors of WordPress or blogger.

Here are a few simple blog editors for you

1. Windows Live Writer ( This is a free blog editor from Microsoft and resembles almost like a windows application.  This can be used in almost all blog platforms and also to multiple blogs. There is a preview option where you can see how your blog looks like, before posting it.  You can also handle photographs; add tables, videos and maps effectively through this blog editor. Most of the blog writers use Windows Live Writer as it is free and easy to handle.

2. Ecto ( resembles Windows Live Writer in many aspects. You can use this for all the major blog platforms like WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Drupal, MovableType, SquareSpace etc… This also supports iPhones and iTunes. You can also embed ‘Amazon associates program links’, once you get an Amazon affiliation.  This will help you to link to the promotions and products of Amazon.

3. Thingamablob ( This is an ‘open source, cross platform blog editor and RSS feed reader’. Thingamablob is a desktop application and can be used with multiple blogs. You can also write offline, if needed.  Your works can be edited in Visual or HTML mode, and can get a preview of the post before publishing it.  The editor also provides the facilities to create feeds and upload images.
Browser based applications and Plugins

4. ScribeFire ( is a Firefox plug-in & cross-platform blog editor. You can easily download the free version of ScribeFire from internet. After installing the plug-in you can start writing blogs.  ScribeFire is light and easy when compared to other editors.  You also have the facility to save your ‘unpublished drafts as notes’.

5. Flock ( has a free ‘social media browser and a blog editor’.

Leave the old blog editors and try out these! You can feel the difference.

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