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We have had many serious discussions about website designing and development topics. Now it is time to discuss some lighthearted topics. One such is ‘Clue’ (http://www.clueapp.com/), a new application to identify the most impactful elements on a website.  This brand new application has a very interesting & funny method that lets you test and find out what your visitors remember most on your website.  

‘Clue’ will help you to know in detail about the impact that you website has on your visitor's mind.  This application will tell you the effect that your ‘call to action’, attention grabbing logo and user friendly pages have on the reader’s mind. This hands free application is easy to use and will help web designers to check even the minutest points related to their website design. You can easily know the positives and negatives related to your design, and can make modifications in your design very easily, based on your inference.

To use the application, you should type in the URL of the page you want to test, in the given space.  The application easily grabs the screenshot of your website and will give the user a short and simple memory test.

A simple five second test - Tests conducted with the help of ‘Clue’ have shown that the attention span of users is very limited. Hence the five second that a visitor gets is sufficient enough to find out the aspects that grabbed the immediate attention. The results of a Clue test will help you to know what your visitors remember most about your web page. The top results show what is the first impression created and what a visitor will remember most about your web page.

If you’re a professional website designer you can use ‘Clue’ to find out what’s most memorable in your website designs. Clue is a free and easy to use application. There are similar bigger commercial applications available online, like Verify. ‘Clue’ can be called as a baby brother Verity, a fully featured application.   We shall discuss about it in another blog.

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