Resurgence of Pixel Art

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Pixel art is a digital art created using graphics tools, to edit images on the pixel level.  This digital graphics is used in computers, video and mobile phone games. Pixel art is also used to design art posters, magazine covers and pixelated tattoos.

Pixel art usage which started during the time of early 2D game development can be divided in to two sub categories, isometric and non-isometric. Pixel art rose to fame with the making of gaming consoles, which happened in the beginning of eighties. When high definition tools related to computer graphics were discovered web designers began to consider this 8-bit graphics as outdated and clunky. The popularity of pixel art nearly faded with the onslaught of 3D graphics. But people have again started appreciating the beauty of this digital art these days. This is due to the fame of mobile games.  

Pixel art is not similar to the new generation visual graphics used in computer games now. It is a part of old-school of games development. Certain new generation web designers and game developers may not like the simplicity of pixelated images, as there are a lot of advanced technologies now to create better looking and sharper images. But even now there are some web designers and game developers who love the retro effect that’s created by pixel art, and hence still carry immense passion for pixel art works. 

Pixel art can be effectively used in a number of existing, successful platforms which are fit for the usage of pixel art. This digital art is used in the virtual worlds like Citypixel and Habbo as well as hand-held devices like the Nintendo and DS. Pixel art is also successfully used in website design and iPhone game developments. This is due to the low resolution and limited space and memory of these platforms.

Isomeric drawing skills are effectively applied for the sketching of landscapes, buildings and skyscrapers, which are developed using Illustrator's 3D tools. Pixel art is used widely in advertisements also.  Icons like Microsoft desktop icons are also made from pixel art. Another use of pixel art technology on modern desktop computers is creation of favicons.

Some people view this revival of pixel art as bringing back the golden period of second and third generation consoles, where graphics were believed to be more pleasing. Pixel art is not just a matter of nostalgia, but has some factors that make it inherently appealing.

Here are a few well-known websites that use eye popping pixel art to create a simple yet attractive look and feel.

Read & know more about this most communicative art form and its usage in website and mobile game development!

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