Threats from Windows Phone 7 - Too early for a judgment

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Many people have started seeing the announcement and rise of smartphones based on the latest Windows Phone 7 OS as a grave threat to iPhones. Can they really become a real danger? Let’s go through the major features and see whether it can pose any threat to Apple’s massively popular iPhones.

Well, a short comparison of the technical specifications show that Windows Phone 7 is not really miles ahead when compared to the OS used in iPhones. But with one of the best computing heritages, ‘multi-touch technology’ and a collection of good quality services, ranging from business to entertainment, trouble free browsing and easy searching, Windows Phone 7 is really unique. Instead of following what others are doing, Microsoft has taken a radical approach to make Windows Phone 7 highly attractive.

Windows Phone 7 supports five major languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. The ‘Home Screen’ of Windows Phone 7 is made special with ‘Tiles’ which are linked to applications, features and other individual items. Tiles can be added, removed or rearranged as per the user’s needs.

Windows Phone 7 mobile OS features Metro UI, a new, professional, swift, organized, easy to use UI. Most of the applications in Windows Phone 7 are created using hubs, a unique design feature that you all will like. Hubs in Windows Phone 7 are big panoramic apps where users can go through the different pages in the hub by swiping left and right or by tapping.

Seeing the contacts on your phone is very easy; just sync using Hotmail Gmail or Microsoft Exchange.

The social and business integration are also really praiseworthy. You can get all the updates very easily on Windows Phone 7.  The other related applications and downloading options are also creditable.

Camera and video recording features which are used in iPhone and Windows Phone 7 are more or less similar, apart from the HTC 7 Mozart which has an 8MP camera.

Regarding browsers, Windows Phone 7 has Internet Explorer Mobile with ‘tabbed browsing and touch controls’ like Safari. It also has in-built Outlook Mobile for managing emails.
Other features included are Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth.  The two multimedia hubs used are similar to Zune HD in appearance and functionality.

Windows Phone 7 OS doesn’t support copy/paste and multitasking features like iPhones. Like iOS, the Windows Phone 7 also lacks the support of Adobe Flash support and cannot act as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Altogether, Windows Phone 7 is definitely looks pretty remarkable. Compared to the predecessors, it’s a huge development and the software looks clean easy to use. But at this initial stage it’s tough to say whether it’ll be as good as iOS or not.  Let’s wait and see.

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