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An important announcement was made by Google last week, where they unveiled a URL shortening tool, open for everyone. According to Google, this is one of the fastest URL shortener discovered so far. Earlier, this URL shortener was an internal tool, and was meant only for employees of Google. Now Google has opened this for public and gave a website of its own. (

The statement made by Google while announcing Google URL shortener was a really bold one;”… we do want it to be the stablest, most secure, and fastest URL shortener on the web.” With the fame, experience and reliability they onw, I think they can become the best and they will achieve it within a short time span.
Don’t you think we should test this wonderful tool? I think we should.

We share many URLs online, especially through various micro blogging devices like Twitter. There are many URL shortening services on the internet world. is one of the popular URL shortener. You can visit such sites, enter a long URL and shorten it soon. You can also see application specific URL shortners like of Twitter and of WordPress. But Google offers the following benefits that the others don’t have:

Stable – Google has a scalable multi data center infrastructure and offers considerable uptime and trustworthy service to the users.

Secure – Google has the utmost secure URL shortening service. The URLs are automatically checked to detect malwares, and users are warned.
Fast – Like any other Google product, Google URL Google URL shortener is faster than other similar services.

You can click on your shortened URL to know who has been clicking it. The information that you get will include:

•    Countries
•    Browsers used
•    OS used
•    Referral websites

The report generated is very clear user friendly.  Check out this amazing service from Google!

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