Start tracking your Promotional Campaigns using Google Analytics

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Looking in to standard Google Analytics Report, you can get a lot of valid and clear-cut information about the in-depth statistical details related to a website. You can track information about:

•    Direct visitors

•    Referring websites

•    Visitors from Organic Search

•    Visitors from AdWords – If you have a link from your AdWords account, you can know about the success of the campaign with the help of Google Analytics.

But have you ever thought about the conversions that you get from Emails, Newsletters, Banners, Link Excanges, third party PPC programs and the various online promotional methods that we adopt. Campaign Management is already built into Google Analytics.  You can the needed links with suitable arguments, to track visitors who come from the online promotions that you do for your website. Here are the arguments that you can add to the inbound URLs. You might have seen most of them before, without knowing about them clearly.

•    utm_source (mandatory) – Source of the site link; the name of an affiliate or website where one can see the link.

•    utm_medium(mandatory) -  You can give the medium here. This can be email, banner, Ads etc. You are free to provide same different mediums for same source or campaign.
•    utm_campaign(optional) -  Add the name of your campaign here.

•    utm_term - Add search term, perhaps for paid results, that recognizes the keywords used for a campaign.

•    utm_content (optional) – This is used to differentiate different versions of the same Ad. utm_content  is very useful in A/B testing and content targeted Ads.

The values used should be alpha-numeric and should not contain any spaces. You are free to mix upper and lower cases. But make sure to keep the names short.

Google also has a  URL builder to make your job easier and simpler.

With this method, you can easily and effectively monitor all your online campaigns.

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