Some Fonts that stood the test of time

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Old is always gold. No, I am not planning to talk about proverbs here.  But the proverb is very true in case of Slab Serif Fonts. Slab fonts, once obsolete, has come back with their real oomph factor, to make headings of your website designs stand out from crowd.  Before delving in to the details related to this revival, let me give a very short description about Slab Serif fonts. This is meant for those readers who don’t know about this wonderful font.

Slab Serif can be considered like an umbrella, which covers a collection of font categories. They are highly expressive and strong. When rightly combined with high contrasts, they can make a design look unique. An example for this is the ‘Wanted’ posters, where Slab Serif font is used in the heading. It is believed that Slab Serif fonts originated in the early 19th century.  Initially the typefaces were created with all-caps. Lower cases were discovered later. But the charm of this font didn’t last long, and faded out soon.
Slab fonts have again started becoming popular now. They are now used for creating big bold headings and sub headings. They are very attractive, especially when the body copy is set in a light typeface. Slabs set in very large sizes are always eye catching.

We can give you a list of websites from where you can download Slab Fonts for personal use. Please check the details and licensing, before using the fonts for commercial purposes.

Ryno Slab Caps from

Klein Slab Serif from

Street Corner Slab from

HFF High Tension from

Slab Tall X from

Gipsiero from

What do you think about these fonts?

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