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Opera has come-up with its new version, Opera 11, adding-up some brand new features that help in enhancing the browser experience. Opera has also added some security enhancements to protect the browser. 

One of the most publicized features of this browser is “tab stacking”. This new feature helps users to group similar browser tabs together and avoid clutter. Users of Opera can thus make maximum use of on-screen work space.

You can watch the tutorial video in YouTube to know more about “tab stacking”.

As a whole the interface of Opera has not changed much. But a noticeable change has happened in the address bar. They have now started hiding the http:// or https:// and in its place have placed a graphical icon. The full URL will appear only when you touch the address bar. Many changes have also been made in the visual mouse gestures.

Other Features:

Opera claims that the browser is quicker than the rivals. It is also said that the plug-ins such as Flash too loads faster than other browsers.

Opera 11 supports HTML5.  Opera is now at the forefront of HTML development.

Another notable addition seen in version 11 is web sockets. Web sockets are bi-directional full-duplex single socket connections for web communication.  You can use this for sharing messages between the client and server.

Opera Extensions - Opera now has almost 200+ add-ons.  Extensions developed for Opera 11 are based on W3 specifications and include a right combination of HTML5 and CSS. The extensions in Opera received a lot of appreciation from web developers around the world.  According to famous web developers, these extensions have a lot of advantages when compared to the extensions offered by other leading browsers.

Opera 11 is free to download. 

In short, Opera is something worth trying says recent news reports and blogs. I think we should. What do you all feel?

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