5 Useful Web applications for Small & Medium Businesses

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As a cloud based application user I try to adopt cloud based apps and tools for most of my official works and would surely recommend some of them for small and business owners around the world.  

If you look around you can see a lot of well engineered and secure cloud based applications now.  They can help you a lot by playing important roles in the main sections of your business, like accounting, marketing and project management. All your business related activities can be thus done flawlessly at low cost and minimum time.

For those who want to apply such tools, I can suggest five cool tools that can become pivotal for any business. These can be used to do many important tasks like file sharing, communicating with the team, user testing and content management.

Ethnio (www.ethnio.com) and Usabilla (www.usabilla.com)

Whatever your business is, you need an intimate understanding of your users. Your business will thrive only if you have a clear cut idea about what’s in your users mind.  User feedback is thus an unavoidable dataset that we should always look into. Ethnio & Usabilla can give you great insights to user feedback quickly and cheaply.  Usabilla helps in collecting the visual feedback of web page easily. It has a user-friendly interface that gives clear cut instructions about the ways to get user feedbacks and analysis of a business.


Yammer is a walled IM service for office communication, commonly known as “twitter for businesses”.  You can inform the urgent plans to your colleagues through this easy to use tool.  Check out the website for more details!

Kissinsights (www.kissinsights.com)

Kissinsights gives deep drilling insights that even Google Analytics doesn’t provide.  You can track all the critical, qualitative and important matrices using Kissinsights, which is said to be much better than Google Analytics.  This can be done by properly embedding a few lines of Kissinsights code.

Kissinsights cannot replace Google Analytics completely, but can be considered as a vital component to know the user feedback.

WordPress (www.wordpress.com)

WordPress is an all inclusive and user-friendly content management system. This will help you to alter or update the website content quickly, effectively and cheaply.

Do you know more tools like the above mentioned ones?

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