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I am not a great artist, but yes I can play with words and write fine, interesting stories that people love to read. I am a a hard core lover of cartoons and have always wanted to master the new-age technicalities involved in making good cartoons. I was afraid my horrible drawing skill would never let me successful in this field, but only until I happened to see the write up of a renowned technical wizard.  It read that a writer’s chance of producing an interesting cartoon is way above an animator’s!

Now, that is something I have always wanted to hear - Yes the success of an animation lies equally in its plot, as much as it is in its technicalities!

It has been discovered that a lion’s share of the success of cartoons depend on good concept and story line; the cast and animation techniques comes later. A crappy animation without a well set script won’t create any curiosity in the audience or rock them with laughter.

For making a good cartoon script, so as to pursue a career in the animation industry, here is a best way to start with:

Think of a well-set and attention-grabbing story concept and list out the character sketch.

You can work with an artist through a partnership deal or through outsourcing your work, to create a character bible.  A well made character bible may carry the following elements-

• A synopsis of your story
• The designs of the most important characters and the props used
• A crisp and catchy character description
• Certain key locations and illustrations of how they may look like
• An episodic synopsis that outlines the stories which could happen in an animated series.

Now you can explore for a suitable studio that has a history of producing cartoons parallel to your genre of writing.

(a) Present your cartoon character bible to them

(b) Offer to write a few sample synopses and a sample episode for any of their ongoing cartoon series.  This is never a sweet talk, but a solid preliminary step to set firm your foot in the industry.

It would be a million dollar catch, if the studio options your cartoon concept and decides to produce it! But the truth is that things usually don’t happen that fast for a newbie. Usually studios don’t like to take chances, simply because, new writers often seem to lack the ‘wow!’ factor in their ideas.

But for the lucky few who have the real talent, this may open up the opportunity to be considered for a writing contract.

If in case of rejection, politely ask for the reason so that you can prepare for necessary changes in your writing genre. Hone your skills and carry on trying, as practice makes perfect.

Treasure your first assignment! You can be a little flexible about everything, including payment. Carve a name for yourself in the industry and see how companies scramble for your services even if you are a bit expensive.

During the project execution, try to be involved in as many aspects of the production as possible. You can volunteer to be involved in checking out the storyboards and give opinions on how you think the camera angles should play out. You can also try to give your opinion on the pacing and also the animation. These tips may help you frame a firm basement.

Don’t be in a hurry to ask for extra fees, as most studios can manage these without your help. But you can kindly request for some credits for your creative input. But don’t be too assertive as studios rarely give creative credits to a newbie, no matter how good you are. Your main aim should be to get you as much experience as possible on the various parts of the production.

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