Online Movie Marketing – A Boon For Movie Developers and Promoters

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I was browsing languidly and that was when my eyes got struck upon a website, which seemed to me was launched to promote a to-be released movie. The movie maniac in me instigated the link and to my surprise the site had everything that I wanted to know about the movie - a fully fledged description about the movie, the cast and crew and much more… Along with the storyline, I was deeply attracted by the online movie marketing strategy used by the film maker.

Internet marketers are now focusing on social media to help build an online hype of films, television shows, internet TV, DVD releases of blockbuster and independent movies. Some are even experimenting with innovative new ways to use social network websites to help achieve their online marketing goals. TV and movie Internet marketing campaigns have a wide range of audience in Orkut, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, and such other social networking sites.

Here is the statistical data of the survey of the role of the online movie marketing.

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The survey clearly shows how effectively Internet supports movie marketing. Movie web sites such as Fandango,, iFilm, and AOL’s Moviefone( or Yahoo! Movies are among the prominent among prominent online media marketing that movie marketers make use of. Blogs that include stills of on-set actions, promos, interview with stars and more are broadcast on these sites, weeks before the movie is launched.

Film and television developers and promoters are now trying out new ways of online promotions to reach their targeted audiences. Some of the movie related info such sites showcases include:
• A brief idea about the storyline. It is interesting to note that briefing ends at a very crucial juncture, making the reader want to watch the movie to check out  what happens next
• Film promos
• Short narratives about  location during shooting
• Promoting special contests. While searching for online promotion of movies, I saw an unusual, yet exceptional contest were the filmmaker of a horror movie, has promised a sum of five lakhs for the person who watches the movie alone in theater.  Really good marketing!!!
• Short conversations with the cast and crew about their experiences
• Promoting events such as movie premiers
• Posting press releases
Now a days during the making of a film a well known actor, actress or director starts posting regular blogs either through a free blogging or social networking site.  It’s imaginable that hundreds, if not thousands would follow him with constructive replies.

But this may get risky when the campaigns are not properly planned and marketed, making the promoters spend incalculable amounts of money and yet get doomed.  I remember a mega starrer movie of Bollywood with a production cost of about $15 million and good online marketing, turning out to be ill-fated. Yet it is a trendy marketing technique that can target a macrocosm.
Many TV networks also have now started experimenting online marketing strategies as a way to target youngsters, the most avid moviegoers, and the tech-savvy audience.

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