Another feather in Google’s cap!

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From the  words of Pat - “I am a free lance web designer and spent my entire working hours online. I have a broad band connection at 512 Kbps with unlimited download from a reliable internet service provider in my city. But off late I have been seriously wondering if I am getting   what I paid for from my internet provider. 

I checked the bandwidth speed, but it has never been easy to take a grip of how my service provider has been dealing with various kinds of traffic.

My prayers were finally answered when I heard that Google is launching M-Lab, (Measurement Lab), an open system that allows consumers like me to measure the speed of my connections, run diagnostics. In short Google seems to be all set to bring a new dimension in internet performance measurement tools.”

Millions of internet users like Pat find Google’s new discovery – M Lab, a boon. A blog post of Vincent Serf, the chief engineer of Google proves the efficiency of the tool. He has said “The existing internet measurement tools generate and send some data back and forth between the user's computer and a server elsewhere on the Internet. Unfortunately, researchers lack widely-distributed servers with ample connectivity. This poses a barrier to the accuracy and scalability of these tools."

 M- Lab aims at overcoming these problems. Google has announced that the researchers will be provided 37servers, at 12 major locations in US and Europe, for further developments of M-lab.

At this developmental stage, Google plans to implement three tools, to run on servers, near Google headquarters. These tools will help users to diagnose the common problems that may damage the speed of their broad band connection.

As usual the announcement has been accompanied by controversies. Scott Cleland, President of Precursor LLC & Verizone communications Inc, has accused Google as ‘bandwidth hog’. According to him Google illegitimately uses 21 times more bandwidth than it pays for.

In the media drama that ensued, Google was quick to fire back. The media spokes person of Google, announced in Washington, Cleland is not a neutral party and his accusation is not credible. He even pointed out that Cleland has made many methodical & factual errors in his judgments affecting his professional growth.

Needless to say the public is quite amused by this media circus and hence keeps a close watch on the developments. Within a matter of days a new post appeared in the blog of Mr. Cerf, the chief executive engineer of Google where it is made quite explicit that all the data collected via M- lab will be made publically available for researchers to build on.

"No matter your views on Net neutrality and ISP network management practices, everyone can agree that Internet users deserve to be well-informed about what they're getting when they sign up for broadband, and good data is the bedrock of sound policy," wrote Cerf and Stuart. "Transparency has always been crucial to the success of the Internet, and by advancing network research in this area; M-Lab aims to help sustain a healthy, innovative Internet.

It is high time that consumers started asserting for their rights.
3 cheers to Google for reading minds of a common web browser like me.

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