Flash, The End May Be Near!

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In the words of a Web developer from LA Pat Davidson

“I recently read an interesting article that Mozilla has allegedly given 100,000 $ to Wikimedia foundation to improve Ogg Theora, an open source video codec developed by Xiph.org foundation.

Yes, I admit that Ogg is not a well known video format, but as a web developer, I feel that it is only a matter of time that Ogg is developed to its full potential. Once developed, Ogg will soon be built into Firefox 3.1 as well as into Opera, the upcoming web browser. Ogg will of course, continue to be the preferred media video format for all wiki media projects”

Is this a calculated move from Mozilla/ Wiki media & Xiph to overhaul the monopoly of Flash? Mozilla’s director Christopher Blizzard, feels that Ogg could be the next big thing in the web. Currently video tools require heavy up front investment, not to mention royalties and expensive encoders. Ogg, he explains will change the face of the video tools. Plug ins will no longer be required and can be directly embedded in to any web page.

Blizzard comments in his blog. "Anyone can build online tools without permission that speak the lingua franca of the Web; you can find tools to do just about anything. It's a truly vibrant marketplace. There's one exception to this: video on the web."

Going by the words of Blizzard Ogg can truly be an innovation. It would result in an explosion of growth for smaller video sites, not to mention the immense benefit for bloggers. They can finally post a video without having to go to You Tube or any other online service.

Ogg is all geared up to revolutionize the online video we know as of now. Is the end of the flash near?

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