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Over the years, Google has been focusing on building effective tools and offerings that can make kids and family remain safer online. For ex: the SafeSearch feature of Google helps to make an explicit filter of the contents that a user gets on a search result.

Google has been involved in various initiatives to make people aware of the safety measures that has to be adopted while surfing the web. A few high lights are as follows

•    In the U.S, Google works with, to spread awareness about online safety and has donated the necessary hardware and software to improve the ability of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to prevent child exploitation.

•    Google UK has effective collaborations with various child safety organizations such as Beatbullying and Childnet ( to spread the awareness about cyber bullying and shares various preventive messages. Google has also joined hands with law enforcement authorities, including the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, to fight online exploitation.

•    Google India has started "Be NetSmart," an Internet safety campaign. This has been created in cooperation with law enforcement authorities of India, and aims to educate students, parents, and teachers across the nation about importance of Internet in their lives, also teaching them the best practices for safe surfing.

•    Google France has launched various child safety education initiatives including Tour de France des Collèges and Cherche Net .These are designed to teach kids the safer and responsible way of using Internet.
•    Google Germany has actively worked with the government, industry representatives, and a number of local organizations recently to launch an exclusive search engine for children.

As part of these continuing efforts to provide online safety resources Google has created, a site that helps families find quick links to safety tools as well as new resources of Google. Users can also download Online Family Safety Guide, which includes useful safety measures for parents,or check out Google’s tutorial on SafeSearch . This has been created by GetNetWise, one of othe partner organizations of Google

Google is continuing its endeavors to empower parents and kids, with effective tools and resources that help put them to make web surfing safer and useful.

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