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Internet has always been a medium of many activities where you search, click and flit from one page to another in seconds. The web is also used for watching movies and videos and hence turns out to be an inevitable part of our life where people indulge in passive experiences

The latest design from Blinkx, one of the noted video search engine, is a step towards innovation in web. Searching for videos matching the given text and browsing videos in various categories is never new to the net savvys. Blinkx has come up with a new search methodology where the content of the actual clip is used.
Blinkx is the easiest medium for finding multimedia content on internet. The company has claimed that the audio and video tools, of this unique video search engine, are powerful, feature rich and relevant that its competitors.  It also has two new and prominent buttons: “Inform me” and “Entertain me” in its innovative design.

‘Inform Me’ is created with a technology akin to Google News and shows clips of various stories, randomly. The ‘Entertain Me’ button has a flow of goofy short videos that are drawn from YouTube or similar sites.

The design would definitely serve the curious net savvys. Just move your mouse over the screen and you will see forward and back buttons which takes you to newer and interesting aspects. If you push the button in the corner marked ‘More Information’ you get a little bit complex screen, but with multiple options. It helps you to view the play list of the clips that have been chosen so you can prefer the one that interests you.

The design has options to find other videos similar to the ones on the given list. Blinkx uses text detection to sort videos, based on the words spoken in them as well as the text that web sites relate with them. This technology is used to create a similar passive channel related to the search queries that a user may enter.

Even though the site has come up with a handful of innovations, the site has not rose up to a fully fledged package. The related video search function would seem a bit haphazard and hard to control. The ‘Entertain me’ button too seems less user friendly. So it’s hard to say about the ease of using Blinkx.

As of now, the site does a respectable job of choosing clips related to the top stories of the day. It can also filter out duplicates and hence doesn’t repeat reports on the same topic. Blinkx uses reports only from sources that it has licensed, mostly The Associated Press, Reuters and ITN of Britain. Hence a news junkie would not find it really interesting as he would be hunting for news stories and footages of other agencies too.

Still the format is much welcomed by the net savvys. Checkout soon!

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