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Spamming has reached new heights! Today spamming is not limited to just email spam; there exists instant messaging spam, web search spam, wiki spam, spam in blogs & more.

Though spamming is not considered as a real cyber attack, spammers will slow the servers receiving legitimate mails and create many availability problems. Small & Medium scale companies are most hard hit by spamming as they lose money too through lost productivity, bandwidth charges, purchasing blacklists and so on.

Many anti spam organizations are actively involved to put cyber pollution in check.
One such spam fighting organization KnojOn has recently released online a report of 10 domain name registrars who have been accused with spam and other illicit online activities. Domain name registrars infact occupy a very unique place when it comes to fighting against illicit activities in web. Spammers, in the hope of evading anti spam detection software, registers many different domain names with online registrars. So as far as the registrars are concerned, spammers are lucrative customers.

But, domain name registrars can play a very effective role in cleaning the web of spammers. They can easily remove the fraudulent domains from their databases and wipe away the spammer from the internet. While some registrars take action against spammers seriously, others are more lax. Gath Bruen, creator of KnojOn comments "Because this has been a free-rein, profit-driven enterprise, the registrars have made up their own rules."

Topping KnojOn’s list of malicious registrars are Xinnet is a Chinese registrar to whom more than 3 million spam messages has been linked in 7 months. Bruen comments that Xinnet has been involved in so many malicious deals that Internet Co Operation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) should have its accreditation revoked.

Reports state that an Estonian registrar, Estdomains has been linked with organized crime. ICANN has pulled off its accreditation. Similarly 2 companies who have been formerly in KnojOn’s LIST were issued warnings by ICANN

Another registrar who was prominently featured in list is Network solutions. As per the report Networks Solutions’ domain has been linked to more than 580,000 spam messages, and Wild West's to just over 50,000.

“Being on KnujOn's list is "definitely embarrassing" for any company, but it shows that companies like Network Solutions could do a better job at kicking the spammers off their networks”, said Richard Cox, chief information officer with Spamhaus, another anti spam group. "They've got a very large volume of domains," he said of Network Solutions, adding that "they're not the easiest people to deal with."

Spokes person of Network Solutions was quick to respond. Network Solutions takes spam seriously, said spokeswoman Susan Wade. "We continually review and improve our systems; however, no matter how good our systems are, we are still reliant on the speed at which stolen information is reported," she said via e-mail. "Unfortunately, there will continue to be a window of time at which spammers will operate. Our goal is to significantly shorten that period of time”

Below is the controversial list of top 10 spam related registrars. Ranking is based on amount of spam linked with registrar’s domain
1. Xinet
2. eNom
3. Network Solutions
5. Planetonline
6. RegTime
7. OnlineNIC
8. SpotDomains
9. Wild West Domains
10. Hichina Web Solutions

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