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2008 was an year when mobile friendly sites & mobile SEO s made news. With the number of mobile users quadrupling in the last decade, it was only a matter of time before  internet browsing became a common feature of mobile phones too.  Though mobile browsing has become popular now days, myths continue to circulate on how to make a mobile friendly web site, mobile SEO techniques to use and so on...

However experts in this field argue that there is no need to purchase a .mobi domain to qualify a site for mobile platforms. In fact a .com site or a site with any other extension will work just as well. But care has to be taken about image sizes when making a site ‘mobile friendly’, because  too many images can adversely affect the downloading speed of the site.  But that doesn’t mean that images has to drastically reduced or eliminated all together. Most of the smart phones today like iphones load the image  the same way as your conventional computer does.

From a marketing perspective, it is better to use the same URL for traditional & mobile sites, as there are less chances of a browser remembering two entirely different URLs. Besides if there is only 1 URL, further inconveniences of creating two sites with same content can be eliminated.

As for SEO practices, conventional steps for site engine optimization like relevant page titles, proper tagging, key word rich content etc , should be followed in mobile sites as well . However while developing a ‘mobile site’ a few golden rules have to be kept in mind.

• It is advisable, to have W3C compliant XHTML code and pages that comply with the basic accessibility standards.
• It is recommended to create dynamic mobile pages by combining your website’s content database with user agent detection.
• Care has to taken to ensure that your mobile site is readable in any screen resolution.
• Make sure that number of images in the site is kept to minimum and that it loads fast.
• Ensure that your  site is indexed in  mobile search engines.

With 3 billion mobile phones worldwide, of which more than one-third is used to access the internet, it is up to you now to tap with growing market. Hurry! Waste no time in making your website mobile friendly.

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