Firefox or IE … The Debate Continues …

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One of the leading web browser, Opera   has charged a pressing case against Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. According to Opera, IE’s web dominance is mainly because it comes with Windows as a package. So any one who has windows operating system, will get IE by default. Opera claims that is a part of monopolistic policies of Microsoft to promote IE.

Opera’s allegation brought in varied responses from around the world. One of the proposed solutions considered by European Union is to force Microsoft to start offering alternative browsers like Opera, Firefox, Safari along with IE, so that web browsers can install an OS of their choice.

Mike Connors, who leads the Firefox development team, feels that Opera’s claim is not exactly accurate. He asserts that a web browser need not be bundled with an operating system to make it popular in the market. In saying so, he was quietly alluding to Firefox which occupies a major stake in the market today without being packaged with any operating system. Needless to say, Firefox   does enjoy financial backing of Google - a relationship that has been made more complex after Google launched its own chrome browser recently.

Among today’s web browsers, Firefox stands ahead of the race with 20% market share. Meanwhile IE’s share has steadily been declining. Commenting on the same Conner says that if he is given a choice, he would rely on organic growth than being bundled with an operating system to boost the popularity and market share of Firefox. “As people become aware there’s an alternative, you don’t end up in that [monopoly] situation. You have to be perceptibly better [than Internet Explorer],” he said.

 Will packaging a web browser with an operating system, increase the market share of the browsers? Or will it retard the organic growth of the browser? Or will it only lead to monopolistic tendencies in future? The debate  still continues ...

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