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This is FileRide, a start up social networking platform that runs on the desktop of the user. FileRide is a Stockholm based development which does social network around the files that are already there on your computer, and with items that you save from the cloud, i.e. FileRide is the reverse of cloud computing. For example if two FileRide users have the same photograph stored in their PC, using the platform they can IM, form interesting groups or comment about the stored data; an interesting instant messaging system.

An aesthetically beautiful development, FireRide’s user interface has a well-thought and logical makeup. FileRide shows how graphic design and function can go hand in hand.

FileRide client is built on the Qt (Trolltech/Nokia) framework. This configuration helps to engage the Windows, Mac and Linux users with a minimum effort. Though FileRide is available only for a few limited versions, more are to arrive soon.

Making some optimistic comments on the decision that were made on the current framework, a company founder Patrik Hedmalm said; “It has also proven to be a great decision with regards to support, interface design, productivity and structure.” On the server side, the program is implemented in an object oriented PHP, that provides well supported scalability and stability. As for the remarkable design, it’s a joint effort of Patrik Hedmalm and Klokie Grossfeld.


The interface of FileRide is quite redundant, with top and middle nav elements. Right from profile creation and customization to instant messaging, nothing much has been left out from FileRide. Here is a short list of the user features:

•    The users can use tags to organize and navigate the media on your PC, to organize your bookmarks, and your social network.

•    You can store bookmarks for websites that you need to access quickly. If needed, you can tag & share them with others or keep them for your own.

•    You can find and discuss the media files and documents on your computer with other people of the same wave length.

•    You can download the most popular among your favorite links in music, and videos so as to join in a real-time discussion about them.

•    Users can have ample option to meet and chat with people & to share their general interest patterns and media preferences, based on the chosen tags and ratings.

•    You can maintain the privacy while meeting with friends, clients and coworkers, to discuss presentations, contracts, spreadsheets, photos, and videos, while using the private chat channel or discussion forum.

•    Information can be shared securely and easily, within your private group.

•    You have the options to create a private profile page that can include useful links, videos, and photos. If needed you can share this profile share with your friends and associates.

•    Your Twitter status can be updated quickly, using the Microblog option.

•    You can get computer help from those software distributors with the same files.

•    You have the benefits to finding out and purchasing new products of your interest and preference.

•    You will also be able to browse interesting articles, videos, music and links from Wikipedia, YouTube, and the Web.
•    You can watch videos with the help of a draggable player, outside the limitations of your web browser.

•    A custom radio station can be created, based on the music file type in your collection

Besides the numerous basic features, there are several exciting and subtle ones too.  FileRide that runs in a background keeps a note on, whenever a user copies a url, image or file. A message, asking whether the user wants to send it to FileRide, can be seen. Users can have the options to drag-and-drop MP3’s and necessary documents to their desktop in FileRide for classification and other necessary requirements.  The users are also allowed to add an image, see the links to blog posts, chat, comment, microblog about it as well as perform a wide range of other functions.  Not fully refined, yet this UI is extremely powerful potential. These words of mine won’t give you an exact picture of it as you need to experience it to get a clear idea.

To Sum Up

Even though a deep study this post of mine has not done a complete justice to FileRide.
Forthcoming innovations include the Mac version together with iPhone and a lite Web access; in addition to a vast number of UI improvements. As for the negative aspects, a few refinements are in need. For example, the notification tool needs more function, organization of files needs improvement and beyond tagging there is a need for object oriented classification. Patrik, the founder has promised more services on the way, but currently YouTube, Twitter, and Wikipedia are the only ones supported.

The socialization method is quite extraordinary in that the philosophy is reversed. Usually friends in a social network share links and other data. But here common interests lead to friendly interaction and this helps to find friends via a user’s stored interests.

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