5 Security Threats For 2009

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Websense, a reputed Internet Access Management System, has recently brought out a detailed report on major security concerns for 2009. Following are the 5 threat predictions of Websense for 2009

The "Cloud" will be increasingly used for harmful purposes.
Cloud-based service  provides users with easy-to-use opportunities for storage and large-scale computing at a low cost. Unfortunately there services continue to remain an attractive target for cybercriminals and spammers to misuse its immense potential.  Web sense predicts that in 2009 – “we will see an increase in misuse of the "cloud."  The cloud may be used simply to send spam or to launch more sophisticated attacks including hosting malicious code for downloads, uploading stats and testing malicious code etc.

A surge in the malicious  use  of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) like Flash and Google Gears.
Web-based CRM systems, Google Docs and other Web-based office tools are increasingly replacing traditional desk top applications. With an explosion in demand for these applications, developers who use RIA technologies to build large Web 2.0 Internet applications is not much concerned about  security, there by opening up the door for cybercriminal abuse. With RIA's popularity exploding, Websense predicts that attack using RIA components will rise exponentially.

Attackers take advantage of the programmable Web
Web API's are being released at a record rate leaving little time for testing, and requiring a level of trust between users. Websense believes that in 2009 – there will be a rise in the malicious use of some Web service APIs in order to exploit trust and steal user credentials and confidential information.

A rise in Web spam and malicious posting of content into blogs, user-forums and social networks
The rise in the number and popularity of Web sites that allow user-generated content will lead to a significant rise in Web spam and malicious posting of content into blogs, user-forums, and social networks sites for search engine poisoning.

Attacks on Web site with "good" reputation will rise.
In 2009, Websense predicts that 80 percent of all malicious content will be  hosted on sites with "good" reputations. This will also include regional attacks on popular Web sites in select properties, popular sporting sites, news sites, and continued placement of IFrames and other malicious redirection code within them.

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