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Customer is always the king and hence a good customer service is the most prominent factor in business.  People are always keen to finding out ideas that help them to keep the clients around for a while.  Here are five tips that can keep up the good rapport with your client.

Be ultra responsive

As soon as you get a message from the client, try to get back to them, as soon as possible.  Even if you have only a limited time or not planning to start the work soon, try to reach-out as soon as possible.

An effective communication

E-mail is often considered as a lesser form of communication and hence the quicker one would be to use the phone.  But e-mail has an advantage, because you can make things clear, organized and, of course, professional. Before mailing, you can grab some tips to keep your e-mail communication effectual.
Exceeding Expectations

Every single time you start a project, go beyond, and go above, what’s expected from you.  Even though you have a comprehensive idea of the list of deliverables, you can go a step ahead by putting more time and effort to ensure quality, so that the final product would be much better than t he client’s expectations.

Listen to your client - Usually this happen only with the matters related to the projects that they are relaying to you. But if you listen more to your clients you will surely discover new areas where you can utilize your talents. On the other hand you can suggest a different or a more effective way of doing the thing so that your client is impressed.

Be Honest

Try to be honest about your skills instead of exaggeration. Admitted inexperience is much appreciated than exaggeration of facts.

Why need a happy customer?

They’ll come back. – If you are sure to hit all the five targets sited above, you can make sure that the customer will come back, once they need an expertise.

Word of mouth is powerful - A satisfied client can be the easiest way to get recommended for a new work.

You may find new opportunities as you would never know what other things a client needs, and by being an esteemed service provider, you may be lucky enough to experience new and exciting opportunities.

They can be your better reference – once your clients become thrilled your work, they will be willing to speak about your work, to others, write letters of reference and even vouch for you when you need support for non-work endeavors.

You’re building a reputation – Try to give your best on ever project so that you build a reputation that makes your business sustainable.

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