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Managing multiple projects is cumbersome and messy if you don’t have a proper system to keep track of the on-going processes. The challenge gets compounded when multiple services, sub contractors or employees, various team members etc… are added on the client’s side.  You need a well set data collection mechanism, a proper tracking of tasks, and timely and effective collaboration with all the people involved, for the success of a project.

Each person has a unique way of working, and hence using the right project management tool is the best way to have an effectual coordination and timely completion of the projects. Here is a short list of some potential project management methods.

Intervals (http://www.myintervals.com/ )

‘Intervals’ is one of the best among the group of project management service available. Its major features include
• A Comprehensive Time Tracking
• Effective Task Management, Milestones and Workflow
• Better Project Management
• Document/File Storage
• Powerful Visual Reporting
• Invoicing
• Calendar view with drag and drop
• Web-based timers
• Weekly timesheet submissions
• Export data to CSV
• Secure and personalized
• Detailed task and work request history
• Real-time budget vs. actual

This is an ideal service for small businesses, especially companies that bill on an hourly or project basis.

Basecamp (http://www.basecamphq.com/ )

Basecamp is one of the most user friendly project management systems for maintaining a proper track of your on-going projects. The facilities provided are categorized to To-Do, Milestones, Writeboards, Chat, Time, Files with a Dashboard; showing you the highest priority items across all of your data. A great tool for collaboration and interaction, its features include:

• Multiple projects
• File sharing
• Project-based to-do’s
• Time tracking
• Commenting and message boards
• Writeboard (notebook-like functionality)
• Security

Basecamp has some good range of monthly plans. It also provides an exhaustive list of extras and add-ons that include invoicing, time tracking, desktop widgets and certain iPhone apps.
This is one of the best options for those who are looking for a quick and straightforward option, usable for every team member, this is it.

Teamwork Project Manager (http://www.teamworkpm.net/index.cfm )

Teamwork Project Manager has a robust set of applications for an effective project management that is reminiscent of Basecamp. But it is just a bit more wide-ranging. Its features include:

• Task lists
• Time tracking
• File sharing
• Milestones
• Message boards
• Notebooks
• E-mail integration

Teamwork Project Manager is has an approachable company behind the wheel, with a great customer service. Users get a quick reply to questions and feature requests and can also make use of the roadmap of the up-and-coming enhancements that are available online. Teamwork Project Manager offers good range of monthly plans, ranging from free to $150/month.

 A few other tools worth looking:

• @task (http://www.attask.com/  )
• 5pm(http://www.5pmweb.com/ )
• activeCollab(http://www.activecollab.com/ )
• CentralDesktop (http://www.centraldesktop.com/ )
• Clientspot (http://www.myclientspot.com/ )
• Deskaway (http://www.deskaway.com/ )
• GTD Agenda (http://www.gtdagenda.com/ )
• Huddle (http://www.huddle.net/ )
• OnStage (http://www.onstageportal.com/ )
• Projjex (http://www.projjex.com/ )
• Smartsheet (http://www.projjex.com/ )
• Wrike (http://www.wrike.com/ )
• Zoho Projects (http://projects.zoho.com/jsp/home.jsp )

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