Wolfram Alpha Unveiled

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The inventor of one of the most promising science programs is ready with a detailed display of an upcoming search engine which could revolutionize information sharing on Internet.

This comes from Stephen Wolfram whose innovative mathematical programs are widely known throughout the world. His invention Wolfram Alpha (http://www.wolframalpha.com/index.html), “the computational knowledge engine” will go public on May 18.

Unlike Google, Wolfram Alpha gives comprehensive search results without ‘making you comb through’ the thousands of links; as in any other search engine. It also has a graphically illustrated answer.

At Google the search queries of the users are answered by automatically providing the billions of web pages related to it. But this new search engine of Stephen Wolfram uses highly sophisticated algorithms to understand the user’s questions and uses the well-set, explanatory resource in their database to offer answers. You get tons of information from figures to charts on a single page as it answers the questions after doing a set of much complex computations.

“It aspires to the depth and breadth of a traditional almanac. And it allows people to juxtapose data, to take a set of facts and relate them to other facts in new ways. You can compare population trends to the amount of fish consumed and correlate it to mortality rate.” says Jonathan Zittrain, the co-founder about the project.

Wolfram Alpha promises a better result than Google, delving deep in to the subject matter, using its ‘oracle-like ability’ to provide answers and make calculations.

Experts like Tom Simpson said that the tool is a sign of the growth of artificial intelligence and a bolder step towards a “self-organizing internet” that instinctively understand the user’s needs.

According to the inventors the project is still in its primary stages but is established enough make it available to users by this month.

Here is a preview of Wolfram Alpha - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYhLsQPHNas

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