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There used to be a similar format for the “Under Construction” pages before, which included tiny graphics of construction signs and traffic cones.  Innovative thoughts have come up in this section now, and designs have started improving in a more noticeable manner.  Nowadays designs are used effectively to create a successful impact on the users, as well as to provide some relevant ideas on the page that’s getting launched.

Making the Coming Soon/ Teaser pages attractive and getting the e-mail address of your visitors and letting them know regarding the launching of your new website will enhance the site traffic, bringing more visitors. 

Similar to putting a poster to notify an upcoming event you can provide a useful and attention-grabbing information on the teaser page, to let the visitors know that they may perhaps miss the most wonderful thing online, if they don’t sign up with you on time.

Teaser pages are not just meant for the new sites. It is also applicable to the sites that undergo a re-design so that you can give the visitors a message similar to this.


Here are some of the characteristics to be noted while designing a Coming Soon/ Teaser page

1. Obviously pretty, it should show the quality of your brand and should include a high quality logo and an attractive colour scheme.

2. It should contain a form, for the visitors to sign up, to know the launching of your website.

3. You can give a very brief overview of what’s about to arrive, or at least a few hints on the new arrival. You can give it in such a way that a level of intrigue is created in the visitors mind making him come back to the page to know what’s in it.

One of the successful teasers that appeared online last year was for Clearleft’s Silverback Application. The page had a ‘parallax scrolling effect’, unusual in such pages, along with a cute gorilla illustration.  People started talking about it soon and a lot of people signed in and registered for the mailing list.

The main focus of the design is to ‘engage the visitor’ and make them talk about your  much before it gets launched.  Here are a few other examples.

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