A solution to VirtualBox 2.2.2 Upgrading Problems

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The VirtualBox virtual machine software from Sun has attracted the attention of web developers from all over the world. The newest version (version 2.2.2) of VirtualBox was released recently. But many web developers couldn’t install the software properly. No log files or errors were reported, but it had a just a small message that said “installation ended prematurely”. Here is a solution for those who have the very same problem in installing the new version of VirtualBox.

i. Repair the installation – Choose “Program and Features” (for Vista version) or (Add/remove Programs) (XP version) from the Control Panel. Click VirtualBox and select Repair. Is the ‘Repair’ functioning properly? If so you can update the software without any problem. If not proceed to the second step…

ii. Extract the VirtualBox files – Repairing may give you a message that says the Virtual Box installation files couldn’t be found. Do you find such a message? If so, find out your old installer. Have you deleted it? Don’t worry, you can download it again from http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Download_Old_Builds .

Open a command prompt (cmd.exe) & ‘cd’ to the folder that contains the installer, and run it using ‘the “-extract” parameter’

Wait for a few moments. A dialogue box, which says that the Virtual Box files have been copied successfully to a temporary folder, will appear on the screen. It can be seen in the Users (for Vista version) or Documents and Settings (for XP version) folder. Please note the folder location.

iii. Now start  completing the repair
You can start the repair again. On getting the ‘missing file’ dialogue box click ‘Browse’ button and find the path of the folder mentioned in step 2. The process gets completed here.

If you find problems again, try to install the old version.   Is the normal installer working properly?  If it’s not working find the folder path mentioned above, where you can find 2 files, ‘an x86 and AMD64 version of the VirtualBox installer.’ You can run the version that’s suitable for the configuration of your system. If error occurs again, try the other one.

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