‘Amazon Kindle App’ updated, to become more iPhone - ified

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Happy news for ‘Kindle’ owners! Get your Kindle books even without having Kindle !

Amazon released a new iPhone application that allows the users to read e-books from Amazon Kindle Store.  The experience of reading an e-book on the small back-lit screen is much tedious than on Kindle, but Amazon has made it much better with this new discovery. 

Using this latest version of Kindle app (1.1 versions) users can read the e-books in portrait or landscape mode, change the background and text color combinations to make it suitable for reading. Turning the pages too has become easier now, ‘tap support’. The multi-touch pinch can be used to zoom in the images. Thus the users get an iPhone – ified Kindle experience.

The most important thing about the landscape/portrait mode is that, when the users rotate the iPhone to change between the two, a lock icon is seen in the lower right hand corner, for an easy disabling this rotation. Many users now wish for a same facility, in every app on the iPhone.

Background options of black or sepia, along white, is also a wonderful experience for the iPhone users.

The Kindle book site of Amazon underwent a complete revamping, a few weeks back. This helps iPhone users have shopping experience from their iPhones.  

To know more about this click http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?docId=1000301301

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