Beware of swindlers in the guise of Google agents

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Nowadays a lot of website owners have been getting cold calls from individuals claiming to work for Google.  The offer they give would be the topmost position for your website, in the Google search results. The cost of the service varies, but it’s normally around $150 / month

The callers don’t usually target just the multi-national organizations, but those midsized companies and sole traders too. And strangely, most of the callers persist on leaving only a telephone number and not any email ids, or other modes of online communication.

Do you know why people grab such offers immediately?

Most of the genuine SEO and marketing companies do offer AdWords assistance, but an introduction as someone directly linked to Google makes the offer more dependable, lawful and lucrative to the users, and they agree for it soon.

Keeping the following details in mind can save you from getting trapped.
1. Google doesn’t sell positions in their search engine. They just offer sponsored links through their AdWords system.
2. Is the caller able to answer the baisic questions related to the services they offer? Like the keywords targeted, whether the search result appears locally or globally, or to whom should you pay the money. If they are not, then be cautious because you are heading towards danger.  
3. When a Google employee contacts a person he gives only an internal email address and not something like … @gmail or @googlemail account.

The Internet has a lot of criminals and hustlers now. So make sure that you avoid such swindlers!

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