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What’s the biggest barrier that prevents the access to a feed burner?

It’s the making a first-rate collection of good feeds.
Importing the OPML file of a person may be easy for a few. But most people do not have a clear cut idea about what an OPML file is.  The most easily accessible resort in this case is the ‘“Browse for stuff” area of Google Reader’. It offers a front-end method to subscribe a few suggested feeds.

Until now these were suggested by Google. But from now, users of Google reader can make their  bundles and helps you to share them.

Bundles for the feeds can be created easily by dragging and dropping. Click on the ‘create bundle button’ in the ‘browse for stuff’ link, found in the left hand side of the navigation panel. Here you can see a group of creation tools. You can drag and drop the feeds that you need for the bundle, in the area prearranged on the page. Name the bundle and give a necessary description later. While saving the bundle you will be given 3 links, for e-mailing the bundle, putting it on a website, and the third one for downloading the OPML file.

Everything is ready now. 

Once you choose to add the bundle to your shared items, it will be accessible to all your friends on Google reader.
Isn’t that an interesting idea from the search giants?

A non tech user used to find it difficult to identify the feeds that they need to subscribe for getting news. A solution for this was a hunt down the RSS links of the sites which should be suggested. But now the job has become much simpler. The whole bunch of feeds can be shared in a few clicks now.

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